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                  Jiangsu Wanlin Modern Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded by changing the overall establishment of Jiangsu Wanlin International Timber Limited Company in accordance with the law in June 2011, whose registered capital is 350.50 million yuan. It is not only a Jiangsu provincial key logistics enterprise, but also a demonstrative enterprise on the industrial development of manufacturing and logistics.

                  Wanlin is situated in Xingang District, which is located on the highly-developed Yangtze Delta Economic Zone. It connects with Shanghai , Suzhou , Wuxi , Changzhou and Nanjing and through Yangtze River, Beijing-Shanghai expressway, Shanghai- Nanjing expressway, Yangtze River highway and Xinyi-Changxing railway, which makes Wanlin's transportation very convenient and unobstructed. Besides, Wanlin also owns advanced logistics infrastructure. Its subsidiary, Jingjiang Yingli Port Co., Ltd., which covers an area of 1,000,000 square meters, is 752 meters along the coastline of Yangtze River . It also owns three multi-purpose deep-water berths, timber warehouses, steel futures delivery warehouse and logistics distribution facilities. China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association identifies it as one of the top ten imported timber ports in China .

                  Since Wanlin was founded, we have always focused on the comprehensive logistics services of importing wood . Depending on the parent-subsidiary corporation's industry status, which is the domestic important lumber meet discharge terminal, combining with professional ability of wood logistics and wood import agency, our company provides procurement, shipping agency, freight forwarding, port loading and unloading, storage and distribution and logistics information such integrated services.

                  By following “ Develop forward, and win-win business ” operation philosophy, Wanlin has cultivated a group of outstanding talents for port operation, modern logistics, and purchase of timber. Wanlin aims to become a world-leading comprehensive logistics service provider in the field of importing wood.
                Company Position
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                ADD:Room A-B,8F,World Trade Center Building No.68 Renmin Zhong Road,Jingjiang,Jiangsu,China  TEL:0523-89112000