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                Make Home Favorite
                Wood agency procurement logistics services
                   Wanlin has the veteran international trade team and stable international suppliers, and has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with Changqing, WTK, France Sanlin and other large international timber suppliers. Our company operates wood agency procurement business from the Far East, North America, Africa, and South America .
                Shipping agency, freight forwarding and supporting logistics services
                  Wanlin divides market into international and domestic areas. According to the different functions of purchasing and distribution, we provide complete domestic and international shipping agency service, customs clearance, inspection declaration, agency charter booking, insurance, freight forwarding service, etc.
                Port loading and unloading stockpiling logistics services
                  Wanlin possesses good deep-water coastal resources from the Yangtze River and has built three multi-functional berths, which are the national key discharging port of timber importing and wood transit base, winning the title of "Chinese top ten wood importing port".
                Warehousing and logistics services
                   Wanlin uses waterways and highways to provide warehousing and distribution business. By integrating the social capacity and cooperating with more than 200 logistics companies, automobile transportation companies, shipping companies, it has formed a professional, networked logistics distribution service system.
                Wood processing and logistics services
                  In accordance with innovation model of ‘Freight yards are in the back of ports,which promote the production and recycling economy’, Wanlin introduces more than ten domestic famous wood manufacturing enterprises, establishing wood manufacturing base of sawing plate, panel processing, high-grade decorative materials and furniture. By now, it has already been described as ‘national demonstrative enterprise on the industrial development of manufacturing and logistics’ by the national development and reform commission.
                The professional logistic information service
                  Wanlin puts EDI, RFID, GPS and other advanced technology into use, combining internal control management, logistics service and information, and building wood professional logistics information platform. At last, we realize information service that the wood logistics industry provides for purchasing, port of loading, unloading, cargo agency, warehousing and distribution, processing, presenting and trade.
                Logistics service with high added value
                  Wanlin regards agency procurement and distribution as the breakthrough point to combine the logistics industry with trade and finance. At the same time it also actively explores the value-added logistics service of the integration of industry investment and financing. Besides that, it provides such logistics service as wood drying and material fumigation and the reuse of process waste which are recycled. Finally, it promotes the construction of our environmental protection and the circular economy system.
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